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We participate in most major health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid and many more.

The professionals at RCHC, LLC, operate a clinic serving the un/under-insured. In cases like these, we provide care using a sliding fee scale.

To get a prescription legally, a consultation with your HCP is required. Fortunately, you can get a prescription without going to a healthcare provider’s office by seeing a provider online. Online medical providers can write prescriptions and prescription refills. They will also send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice after your appointment online.

Yes! The professionals at RCHC, LLC, know that it’s not always easy to access a healthcare provider when you need one. Some situations make it hard to get to a clinic in person. For example, you may not have access to transportation, or it may be inconvenient for you to take off from work or school. During the telehealth visit a HCP will review your medical history and symptoms and if medically appropriate, they will write a prescription and send it to the pharmacy of your choice. However, prescriptions may not be the best treatment option in some cases.

Telehealth appointments are best suited for visits that do not require services such as blood work (lab testing) or x-rays.

Telehealth appointments are appropriate for patients with symptoms of COVID-19, those awaiting test results or requesting guidance related to quarantine, and other questions or concerns about COVID-19.

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